ChronoVault Pricing

ChronoVault operates a completely free service and will do so indefinitely.

Free tier

All features currently available within the application are free to use and will remain free for current users. For most users, this service will be more than sufficient. Standard service features are not trial offers or time-limited in any way, and we guarantee that these features will always be available to existing users without charge.

Premium tier

ChronoVault plans to launch a premium service aimed at delivering specific features that commercial dealers and power users might need. This will be available in 2020 on a monthly subscription basis. Contact us for more information or to keep up to date with our plans.

So how does ChronoVault make money?

ChronoVault's founders are technology entrepreneurs who all share a deep passion for collecting watches. ChronoVault has been developed from their personal experience as collectors and is designed to run for very little cost.

The business model we are aiming for is similar to Skype™ where almost all features are free with a small set of premium features available for those that need it.

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