About ChronoVault

Our story

Chronovault was started in 2018 by two European watch collectors and tech entrepreneurs based in London. We were frustrated with the number of fake and modified vintage watches that were being advertised for sale in as original condition when they clearly were not.

All too often, honest collectors are taken advantage of by a tiny minority of unscrupulous sellers. These bad actors are all too happy to fix up watches and then sell them as being in original condition. It takes years to build up the knowledge to spot fakes, modified and watches put together from parts. Time and time again we see inexperienced new collectors joining the community who have bought their first watch, only to find out that it is not what it seems to be.

In bringing together the knowledge of honest collectors, we allow the community to weed out fakes, bad actors and deliberately misadvertised watches. Chronovault is a platform where authentic watches and trustworthy owners are recognised, can build and leverage their credibility, protecting their reputation as well as their watches.

In building Chronovault we have also realised that there are a number of other benefits. The details about the history of a watch often get lost or forgotten, particularly when a watch changes hands. Proving and remembering obvious things like a service history just should not be so hard. And on the occasions when things go wrong during a sale or even through unexpected loss, an owner can point to a record of ownership and condition. Lastly, watch collectors often consider themselves as just looking after their timepieces for the next generation. We hope that you have many years of joy from your watches, but when the time comes to pass them on, your beneficiaries will have a chance to know their value and how much they meant to you.

Chronovaultis a project born out of the passion of its founders. We are constantly striving to improve the platform. We would love to hear from you with your thoughts, ideas and experiences.

Farid & Daniele, 2018

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